Wireless Outdoor Strobe Siren
    • Brand: Maxsecure
    • Product Code: A-ES
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    • Weight: 0.51 kg

    Product Description



    • Wireless intelligent study coding, maximum support 20pcs remote controls, detectors or transmitters to J008.
    • Can work with PSTN alarm system and GSM alarm system, ease of use.
    • Compatible with PT2262 normal encoding (Resistance 1.5M-4.7M) and a million groups encoding (Resistance of 150K-470K) detectors and remote controls.
    • Build-in Ni-Hi rechargeable battery and automatically switchable upon power failure.
    • EEPROM information protection, information never lost, to ensure information security.
    • Both AC and DC, twenty-four-hour ordinary guarding without interruption.


    Item Description
    Input voltage DC9-15V
    J008 build-in battery Ni-Hi AAA*6 DC 7.2V
    F8 battery 12V / 23A
    Standby current Less than 20mA
    Alarm current Less than 300mA
    Received frequency 315 / 433MHz
    Received distance 100m (open area)
    Sound loud 120dB
    Sound time 5 minutes
    Work temperature -20°C -55°C