Wireless Emergency Button
    • Brand: Maxsecure
    • Product Code: A-PBR
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    Product Description

    This product ia a ring-shaped panic button. The internal circuit uses acoustic resonator to stabilize the frequency. It features in stable frequency, strong penetrating signal and low power consumption. When people are faced with an emergency situation, as long as the panic button is laterally pressed, it can be widely used in homes, factories. schools, banks, shops, convenience stores, financial room, villas, residential and other areas which are in need of protection. It can protect your life and property from infringement.


    Item Description
    Working voltage 4.5V, 3 pieces LR44 button battery
    Transmit frequency 433.92MHz
    Transmit current 20mA
    Static current 4uA
    Transmit power >18dB
    Coding Chip HS1527, Vibration resistance: 220K
    Modulation mode ASK
    Transmission distance >100m (open field)