Wireless Smart Socket
    • Brand: Maxsecure
    • Product Code: A-SHPS
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    • Weight: 0.12 kg

    Product Description

    This product adopts international advanced RF technology and is with stable performance, very stable memory and storage capability and intelligent studying function. Compatible with remote control of full range of protocol 1527/2262 with frequency 433.92MHz, capable to study 60 pcs remote control, wireless signal transmission, remote control by partition, no direction requirement. Multinational plug adaptable: GB, British standard, American standard, etc. Using this product not only give users living convenience, but also protect electronics, eliminate standby power consumption and save power resources.


    Item Description
    Power supply AC100-240V
    Maximum power 2200W
    Receiving sensitivity -100dB
    Frequency 433.92MHz
    Received distance 100m (open area)
    Material ABS (fire resistance)
    Operation temperature -20°C -70°C
    Maximum current 10A
    Humidity ≤ 80%
    Size 106x63x64mm
    Note: This product is for indoor using! Total power of connected appliance should not exceed maximum power of this smart socket!