SQL Accounting

    SQL Accounting


    Product Description

    SQL Financial Accounting software is designed for a network environment with business-critical functionality in mind. It comes with advanced report writer, filtering and sorting facilities capable to generate unlimited user defined reports. Its active drill-down computed figure enables user to analyze the preliminary source for auditing and business decision.

    SQL Accounting    
    SQL Financial Accounting software provides standard base implementation to increase reliability, scalability, dependability, and a lower total cost of ownership.

    SQL Financial Accounting Software is particularly the first choice of logistics, shipping, trading industries and service industries.

    Migration from other accounting software is possible. Database conversion tools are available to migrate UBS Accounting, AutoCount Accounting, Mr Accounting, QnE Accounting, MYOB, Aplus Accounting, Million Accounting software to SQL Financial Accounting.

    Benefits of Using SQL Account

    • Performance

    Software Architecture designed for network environment, serving even up to 100 users in one network, with system speed maintain.

    • Stability

    In event of power, network or hardware failure, incomplete transactions are automatically 'rolled back'.

    • Data Integrity

    Data never loss between linked modules when performing data posting action. Data integrity is always guaranteed. 

    • Speed of Data Access

    The server utility only sends what is needed to the workstations (eg. Specific customer and date), whereas a file based (basic database) will send ALL invoices.

    • User Friendly

    SQL is design with user friendly interface for users for all levels.


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