T5 PRO

    T5 PRO

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    Product Description

    T5PRO Network Topology Illustration
    T5 Pro is an innovative fingerprint card access controller which fully integrates fingerprint and RFID technology. The very compact design makes it suitable for installation on door frame. T5 Pro has standard Wiegand output to connect seamlessly with access controllers and relay output driver the electric lock directly. T5 Pro can easily update the existing card readers for higher security level of fingerprint and card.


    • Small in size and compact in design.
    • Can be installed on the doorframe.
    • New generation fully sealed, waterproof and dustproof fingerprint sensor.
    • BioNano core fingerprint algorithm for T&A and access control, high performance and reliability.
    • Easy user enrollment on the unit via Master Card or in the management software.
    • Identification method: fingerprint, card, fingerprint + card.
    • Compatible with industrial standard RFID, Mifare or HID card module.
    • Fingerprint Storage Capacity: 1000.
    • Communicate with computer via TCP/IP, RS485 and Mini USB port.
    • Direct lock control and door open sensor as a standalone access controller.
    • Standard Wiegand26 output to connect with the standard access controller.
    • Optional water cover for an outdoor solution.
    Item Description
    Processor TI Stellaris® 32-Bit High Speed CPU
    Algorithm BioNANO V10
    Sensor AFOS300 Optical Sensor
    Sensor Wake Up Mode Infrared Auto Wakeup Sensor
    Scan Area 22m * 18mm
    Resolution 500 DPI
    Fingerprint Capacity 1000
    Log Capacity 50000
    Identification Mode FP,Card,FP+Card
    Identification Time <0.5 Sec
    FRR 0.001%
    FAR 0.00001%
    Communication Interface TCP/IP, USB plug & play and RS485
    Card Reader Module RFID Optional Mifare Card
    Relay 1Relay
    Wiegand Wiegand 26 Output
    Door Open Sensor Yes
    Applicable Situation less than 1000 users