Time Management System (Johor Bahru JB)


    User Friendly Interface

    Time Management System


    Clocking Schedule

    Up to 500 Schedules Available for Setting.   Clocking Schedule
    Users are able to define own Work Time, Rest Time, Overtime.   Clocking Schedule
    Manage different shift employees with Multi-shift Schedule   Clocking Schedule
    Able to manage employees with flexible rest time.   Clocking Schedule
    Able to calculate Overtime, Short (Early-in/ Early-out).   Clocking Schedule
      Clocking Schedule

    Attendance Sheet

    Attendance Sheet  
    Attendance Sheet   Color indicator for late-in and early-out,
    Bold indicator for amended entry. 
    Attendance Sheet   Easy to Filter Attendance for Employees, Department, Position & etc..
    Attendance Sheet   Show Information such as Workday, Overtime, Short & Leave Type.
    Attendance Sheet   Track Employee Attendance Logs with different Terminal. 


    HR Process Work Flow

    HR Process Work Flow